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  • You've had your LinkedIn profile professionally written and optimized. Now it is time to propel things to the next level and optimize the benefits for LinkedIn to your career. Our LinkedIn Networking Kickstart delivers that propellant. Our goal in the LinkedIn Networking Kickstart is to expand your network with influencers and hiring authorities in your field and industry. You will realize both immediate and long-term ROI with this service. Please allow for a 2-week turnaround.

  • NOTE: This is an add-on service that requires that we have developed (or are in the process of developing) your LinkedIn profile content for you. LinkedIn profiles should be updated and maintained continuously. We believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge to do this themselves. Our standard LinkedIn profile writing services come with detailed instructions on how to copy and paste the content we have prepared for you into your LinkedIn profile. Still, some clients prefer to have us do this for them. With our "Done For You" service, after you have approved the content we have prepared, we will update your profile for you.
  • Whether you have an existing profile that needs work or are starting from scratch, we will help you create dynamic, compelling,  keyword-rich LinkedIn profile content that employs insider techniques to make it more visible and attractive to recruiters. Once the content is developed, we provide detailed instructions on how to update your profile with the new content. Your profile should be continuously updated and we believe teaching you how to do this yourself is in your best interest. However, for those clients who prefer we do it for them, we offer an additional "done for you" service.
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