Targeted Resume Distribution to Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms


Reach out to venture capital and private equity investors who invest in your area of expertise and access the hidden job market. We will send your resume and introductory letter to VC and PE firms that invest in the industries of interest to you.


Have us send your resume and letter to Venture Capital and Private Equity firms. This is a targeted resume distribution service that will help you to access the “hidden” job market. Venture Capital and Private Equity firms invest in companies and corporate divisions. They are in a unique position to either know about or be actively trying to fill open positions in these companies. When you contact VC/PE firms, you should ask for referrals to their portfolio companies.

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This database is particularly useful for people seeking work at the mid-management to senior-executive levels, especially those who have a value proposition that includes leading turnarounds or growth initiatives. Our service helps you identify the appropriate VC firms nationwide and then send them your resume and introductory letter by email in an extremely cost-effective manner. In addition, we send you the contact information on the VC/PE firms we have contacted for you, for your future use, or so that you can follow up.

It is important for you to understand that this targeted resume distriubution service is not at all similar to the many “resume blaster” offers on the internet, most that offer services of very questionable quality. We go to great lengths to make certain that our data is of the highest quality and that the recipients of your resume are individuals who will have an interest in receiving a resume from a candidate with your qualifications.

Each email will arrive in the recipient’s inbox as a “classy” and appropriately formatted message, addressed specifically to them.

Please note that you MUST have a resume written to appeal to this audience and it must be provided to us in MS Word format. We provide professional writing services if you need help with this. But, please make sure your resume is ready before you schedule this service. You will also need a cover letter custom written specifically for the distribution, and our team will write this for you as part of this service.

Targeted Resume Distribution To Vc And Pe Firms

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