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This letter writing service is for existing customers of Distinctive Career Services. Professional and attention-getting letters to meet all your job search needs.

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Is it necessary to send a letter with your resume? Absolutely! Besides that it is common business protocol and the courteous thing to do, a large number of employers indicate that they won’t even read a resume that arrives without a letter of introduction.

Your letter also gives you the opportunity to really highlight your interest in the open position and showcase the specific ways in which you will bring value to the employer. Cover letters are not “one-size-fits-all.” They MUST be targeted to the anticipated audience and must be tailored to the situation. The solution for many of our clients is to have us write a letter for each audience, and then they use it as a model/template and tailor it to the specific situation.

Some of our most commonly requested letters include:

Respond to a job advertisement
Contact company directly
Introduction to recruiter
Networking (request for referrals)
Informational interview request
Introduction to VC or PE firms
Interview thank you letter
Or any other type of job search letter you need (just ask)

It is quite possible that you will order two or even more letters. Once your order is placed, please just send an email or give us a call and tell us how you want us to focus your letter(s) and who the audience is.

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Respond to Job Ad, Cold-Contact Company, Intro to Recruiters, Networking, Request Informational Interview, Interview Thank You, Something else

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