Targeted Resume Distribution to Recruiters


Reach out to recruiters in your industry. We will send your resume and introductory letter in a targeted resume distribution to recruiters and headhunters who work in your area of interest.


Sending your resume to recruiters (a.k.a. headhunters) via email is often the fastest, most cost-effective way to really jumpstart a job search. To provide you with this service, we subscribe to databases that are continuously updated throughout the year.

To learn more about the databases we use, click here.

To decide whether a resume distribution to recruiters is a good strategy for your job search, please read this tip sheet.

In short, when you hire us for this service, we will convert your resume and letter into the proper file formats, mine our databases for an appropriate contact list, perform a mail-merge to email (so that each outgoing letter is addressed to the top contact at the firm), and then send it out. We ensure that your resume goes out in the proper and preferred format. Additionally, we create a unique email address for you on our server so that the messages appear to be coming directly from you while also allowing us to monitor the distribution and handle things like bounces and verification requests. Valid responses that come by email will be forwarded to you in real time.

It is important for you to understand that this service is not at all similar to other “resume blaster” offers on the internet, most that offer services of very questionable quality. We go to great lengths to make certain that our data is of the highest quality and that the recipients of your resume are individuals who will have an interest in receiving a resume from a candidate with your qualifications.

Our service is a “rifle” approach as opposed to the “shotgun” approach taken by the blaster services. Additionally, this service is handled with the same care and attention as all of our other services. Each email will arrive in the recipient’s inbox as a “classy” and appropriately formatted message addressed specifically to them.

These services are one of the best ways we have found to really kick a job search into “high gear.” It is not unusual for clients to begin getting phone calls the same day that we perform the distribution. On the other hand, this is also an investment that will have long-term benefits. Most recipients of your resume will place it into their own internal database which they will search when trying to fill future job openings. It would not be unusual for you to receive a phone call many months after we do the distribution (which could be beneficial to you even if you are in a new position by then). To learn more about the benefits of a recruiter distribution and whether it might be of value to you in your job search, read this document.

Please note that you MUST have a resume written to appeal to this audience and it must be provided to us in MS Word format. We provide professional writing services if you need help with this. But, please make sure your resume is ready before you schedule this service. You will also need a cover letter custom written specifically for the distribution, and our team will write this for you as part of this service.

Targeted Resume Distribution To Recruiters

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