Infographic Networking Resume


Cutting-edge style guaranteed to get attention! An infographic networking resume will give you a powerful competitive edge in the job market.


Yes, you will still need a traditional resume during your search for a job, but the infographic networking resume–aka infographic value profile–is a great way to gain an extraordinary competitive edge in the job market. Research has indicated that our brains process visual material 60,000 times faster than text and a full 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is done so in visual format. In part, this is why Infographic Value Profiles have become such powerful promotional tools in the job market.

Your Infographic Networking Resume can be used as a handout at networking events, a leave-behind at interviews, as a download on the Internet, and as multimedia content on your LinkedIn profile.

(prerequisite: your resume must be up to date and if not written by Distinctive Career Services, must be in line with the quality standards of Distinctive Career Services).

Infographic Networking Resume

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