Networking Coaching

From: $87.50 / month for 2 months



Networking is THE most effective job search technique, but also the one that makes a large majority of job seekers uncomfortable. If you know you should use networking techniques in your search, but struggle to do so for any reason, this program is for you.

PROCESS: High-impact 60-minute coaching session


>> Guidance on developing a networking strategy and plan
>> Practical instruction for how to connect with the people in your network
>> Personalized tips on how to approach people about your job search
>> Help identifying networking opportunities online and offline
>> A solid plan of action for following up on networking contacts

With a Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communications and credentials as a Nationally Certified Resume Writer, Coach Daniel specializes in job search interview,  job search networking, and salary negotiations coaching. Daniel’s schedule is especially flexible and allows for evening and weekend appointments.